Keeping Kansas Real
Keeping Kansas Real
June  06/13/19 9:25:32 AM

Will it ever stop raining? I know this is a question a lot of you guys are asking right now back in Michigan. For a while, Kansas and Michigan seemed to be on the same weather pattern. When you guys got rain, so did we. The only difference was, Kansas had more of their crops in. In fact, we don't see very many bare fields down here. However, even though most of the farmers have their crops in, they don't look all that pretty. As you can see in the pictures to the right, there are a lot of drowned out spots, especially in the fields next to the river. The flooding here has just been insane, and has broken records everywhere.  Along the Mississippi and Illinois rivers, grain elevators have been closed for 4 weeks due to high waters which stop them from loading barges, and it could be a while before they open up again. 

Back in Topeka, it’s been very busy as usual. We have been loading out 1-2 trains a week, helping out other locations that can't load out trains due to flooding. The bin roof project is just about wrapped up. They were able to get the concrete poured a couple weeks ago, and today they placed a sealant over top. It was really cool having been a part of that whole project, and to have completed it safely! In May, I also got the chance to visit Deerfield Ag Services, a country elevator located in northeast Ohio. They provide services ranging from agronomy to selling grain bins. I loved visiting their facilities and learning how they operate. To the right, is a picture of their brand new terminal facility that they built back in 2017. It is very impressive!

It is hard to believe that it has almost been an entire year since I have moved down here to Kansas. Looking back to when I first moved here and to where I am now, it’s crazy to think how much has changed. Today, June 13th, is my last day at Cargill. During my time with Cargill, I have worked at one of the largest grain elevators in the United States, loaded both trains and barges, got to manage my own elevator for about 8 months, and met some awesome people along the way. I will forever be thankful for the opportunity and everything that I have learned; however, I am super excited to return back home to JMI and am looking forward to helping farmers in any way I can. Thanks for taking the time to read my blogs, and I hope I was able to share something interesting or new with you all. See you guys soon!

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