Keeping Kansas Real
Keeping Kansas Real
January  01/18/19 8:09:12 PM

"Learn, Act, Repeat, Teach" That was the main theme of White Commercial's Master Management Conference this past week in Kansas City. This was my first time attending with my mom, and it was a great experience. We heard inspirational stories and met people from across the US and Canada.  One of the major takeaways I got from this conference and want to share with you is the importance of teaching and educating those who have the passion and interest to be in this industry. Show them how and why you do things the way you do. Teach them the ins and outs. Let them make mistakes. A popular question is what happens if you teach them and they leave. But an even scarier question is what happens if you don't and they stay.  This may be challenging and tough at first, but in the end, the results are so rewarding.

Here in Kansas, I now spend most of my days in Kansas City as the only production supervisor/manager at Cargill-Katy elevator. It has been an interesting past 3 months managing and supervising this facility. I have learned lots about operations and especially people management. Things at Katy are pretty slow right now. Our main focus is to continue shipping out wheat to our main buyer, Graincraft along with safety and keeping grain in good condition. The picture to the right shows a dust truck that we loaded out two weeks ago. Katy elevator has 7 dust systems that help control the dust levels in the elevator. The dust is transported to a dust tank where we then load out dust trucks who use it for other purposes. The weather down here has been pretty mild although things are starting to change. We got about 5 inches of snow last week and are expecting more this week. Kansas natives tell me this is the most snow they have gotten in a winter in years, and I can only fear I brought Michigan weather with me!

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