History  10/15/18 9:23:21 AM

1961: John and Margaret Marion buy house and 40 acres on Michigan Ave in Saline
1964: New pole barn built
1965: Saline elevator opens for first corn harvest in the fall
1970: Start accepting soybeans
1972: Buy new saline dryer
1973: New leg and 32,000 bu bin added in Saline
1974: Start selling seed, feed, fertilizer, and NH3
          New scales, leg, and 200,000 bu storage added
1976: Office moves from John and Margaret's house into pole barn
1980: New dryer
1983: Sold feed and fertilizer business
1987: First computer
1989: Buy Britton Hwy facility (398,000 bu capacity)
1991: Ron Roehm becomes manager of Britton facility
1992: Buy Dundee elevator (447,000 bu capacity)
1993: Britton and Dundee get new dryers
1995: Stop accepting oats
1997: Jo Anne and Ron Roehm become President and Vice President
1998: Start selling fertilizer at Britton facility
2001: Ron and Jo Anne Roehm buy JMI from John and Margaret Marion
2004: John Marion passes
2005: Brian Creque becomes manager of Dundee elevator
2009: New MC dryer in Britton
          New pit and leg in Saline
2010: 350,000 bu storage and new scale house added in Dundee
          Tornado hits Dundee elevator costing $500,000 in damage
2011: Computer ticket entry at all locations
          New scale building in Saline
          200,000 bu storage added in Britton
2014: Added 250,000 bu storage to Saline
          Tore down concrete silos and added new zimmerman dryer in Dundee
2015: New office in Saline
2016: 250,000 bu storage added in Dundee
2017: New dryer and 30,000 bu wet bin in Saline
          400,000 bu added to Britton

2018:  Saline replaces overhead bins with 3 new ones.

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